Some Important Techniques to Implement While Purchasing Office Supplies


Office Supplies

If you are starting your own business or even if you are working for someone else, you will most probably think that out of all the expenses required for running a business, the least amount is required for office supplies. But do not let this thought fool you because even though office supplies do not cost as much, they still require as much budget planning as any other expense. What are basically office supplies? They constitute things like staples, paper, pencils, pens, ink, note pads and so on. When the cost for all these items are added up, the total figure turns out to be quite huge. This is evident from the fact that the price of paper in the market goes up on a regular basis.

If you have realized that purchasing supplies for office is not an expense that can be ignored, you probably want to know how you can save on this apparently minor expense. There are some important techniques, which if effectively applied can help you save a whole lot of amount on office supplies. All you need to do is adopt some minor changes in the way you purchase these items. Whether you are purchasing for your own business or for someone else’s, these techniques will come in handy if you want to make some big savings.

The most important technique is to purchase all sorts of supplies in bulk. Just like any other commodity, purchasing in bulk gets you a good discount. It is better if you can make the purchase once or at most twice a year. If this technique is not implemented, a lot of regular trips will have to be made to the local supplier in order to purchase office supplies and this will only add to the cost, in terms of time and effort spent in making the trips. A lot of receipts will pile up in just one year. Another effective technique is to open a corporate account with any one of your suppliers. Usually stationary suppliers allow their customers to open a corporate account, sometimes known as rewards account, in order to have the purchase of all the required office supplies only from them. They offer a decent discount or other types of incentives, when these supplies are purchased from them. Make sure you have an account with a good reliable supplier.

There are also some stores that stock cheap or used items. Going to the big ones will help you find some office supplies for your new business in which you may not be willing to spend too much. For example any office would require a file cabinet; a file cabinet is not something that you should spend too much on. Hence it is better to purchase items like binders, folders and whatever you can find at these stores. There are also a few dollar stores that can provide you with ‘specialty items’ at a very low price. These specialty supplies for office include items like rubbers, rulers, stamps etc. If you do not want to buy these items in bulk, it is better to purchase them from such dollar stores.

Once you have purchased office supplies at the cheapest price, your work still does not end here. If your running your own business, a key to saving money is lock away the office supplies you have purchased. Use them carefully and keep track of the items being utilized in the business. Make sure they are not being wasted by the employees, or worst being stolen. One employee should be made responsible for managing the office supplies. He or she will keep track of the items being distributed in the office.

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